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be your own martha stewart: cupcake liner garland tutorial

December 9, 2009

found through 100 layer cake

Tools & Materials:

Vintage fabric (or any sort of course) found on Etsy, and Tulle.

Craft & white cupcake liners. The white liners were tea dyed to soften the color a bit.

Heavy duty threading needle



Glue gun

How to:

If you’re going to tea dye your liners you’ll need to do that first and let them dry completely.

While they’re drying, cut your fabric and tulle into rounds using a cupcake liner as a guide. Lay out all of your liners and fabric rounds so you can arrange them in a stack in the order you like. The rest is pretty straightforward. Take a small stack and just thread your needle through the center of each piece.

Once you’ve got about 1/3 of your liners strung, space them out a bit so they’re as loose or tight as you want your garland to be. Then use your glue gun to attach some of the liners to the thread. This way you can control the spacing of your liners on the garland. You’ll need to let the glue dry before you continue, but luckily hot glue dries super fast. Then repeat the process until your garland is full. Finally, finish off each end of the garland with little bits of ribbon or lace.

simple, easy, fun and how unique!

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  1. December 10, 2009 11:33 am

    So totally cute!! I made a coffee filter garland last week.. although it’s nowhere near as cute as this! I’ll be posting about it next week! Thanks for checking out my guest post! xoxo

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