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happy weekend…

November 20, 2009

photo credit: my mother.

tomorrow marks my dad’s 30th anniversary of his 30th birthday.  i am for sure a daddy’s little girl.  my father and i are scarily similar.  we have the same habits and the same tastes with everything from sweets to music to our carefree views on life.  as i’ve grown older, i know that i’ve caused some major white hair growth on my dad, but at the same time, he’s been a major contributor my stress as well.  nevertheless, i have always counted on him to be there for me, and never once, has he not.  he always came to the parent teacher meetings, he always came the musicals and recitals that i was in, he is such a steadfast support system in my life.  i think this is probably the main reason why i nag him so about his health nowadays, i don’t want to ever let him go and i’d like to be selfish and keep him here with me forever.

after working at weddings a few times now, one of my favorite parts is the father-daughter dance.  for the most part, the most common song is “butterfly kisses” which is great and all, but my father vowed to me that we would do something completely different and even suggested this song:

the contours- do you love me

the scary thing is that we probably could pull that off with some crazy dance.

i owe my father my love of music.  when my mother was pregnant with me, my dad use to play the Beatles records and sing to my mother’s tummy on his guitar.  little did he know that i’d be more crazy about the golden oldies than he.  for his xmas gift last year, my sister and i gave him an ipod shuffle and i had already downloaded songs for him.  the songs ranged from frank sinatra to the beatles to petula clark to the chiffons.  all these songs came from my itunes library.  🙂  and he was so happy that he had produced someone with such awesome taste in music (if i do say so myself).

i love my dad unconditionally.  now that i’m older, i know and understand the magnitude of all the sacrifices he has made for my family.  i am so thankful and so so very proud that he is my dad.  i can only hope that i’m making him as proud as i am of him.

so while the contour’s do you love me would make a totally awesome and unique father-daughter dance and i do believe i’ll hold him to it.  i do have to dedicate this entry and the following song to him.  this song means a lot to me as it’s one of the first songs i ever learned to sing as soon as i could sing and it plays in one of my dolls that my parents gave to me when i was born.

elvis presley- love me tender

can’t wait for our father-daughter dance. 🙂

happy birthday, dad!

i love you more than songs can sing.

thank you so much for everything.

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  1. November 20, 2009 3:26 pm

    Sweet post! Happy Birthday to him!

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