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you need this: paloma’s nest

November 13, 2009


let me start off by saying that it was seriously impossible for me to pick what photos to showcase
Caroline Colom Vasquez of Paloma’s Nest and her beautiful BEAUTIFUL keepsakes.  despite her busy schedule, she managed to find time to answer my questions and also discover the best place to be productive: the airport.  so without further ado, learn more about Paloma’s Nest and the to-die-for beautiful…touching…amazements.


Ever Ours: How did Paloma’s Nest come about?  What’s the story behind the name?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  The company name, Paloma’s Nest, is the source of inspiration for most all that we do.  The name was simply chosen on a whim (and named after our daughter) and it stuck!  It was only later that we realized -with much relief and delight- how perfectly the name matched the collection and product line.  A “Paloma,” which means “dove” in Spanish, is such a powerful symbol of peace, tranquility, hope, rarity, treasure,timelessness, and elegance… all elements that we hope come through in the Paloma’s Nest collection.


Ever Ours: How is the tagline “Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms” significant to Paloma’s Nest?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest): I grew up in the small New England town of Mystic, Connecticut, surrounded by antiques and historical architecture. I was taught to appreciate things that were made to last, and to treasure items that held their own history. Items that have special meaning, or have a past in your family, should be cherished; it is from this idea that my passion for creating special gifts and home goods- Modern Heirlooms- comes.  Pieces from Paloma’s Nest are made with quality materials and craftsmanship, and are intended to be passed on for generations.


Ever Ours: Where do you draw your inspiration from?  Where do you go for it?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest): My inspiration comes from many places, including vintage and antique objects such as quilts and furniture. I am often inspired simply by how an item is made or constructed, even if I am not as interested in how it looks. I love researching the symbolism in Early Latino, Mexican, and European art, as well as discovering texts from Greek philosophers such as Plato, and the later American Ralph Waldo Emerson…I use those inspirations as a starting place for expanding my ideas, and later, for expanding my line of products. My physical design process is very hands-on, and I develop new designs when experimenting with my core group of materials (clay, wood, paper, cloth) in the studio, or when I discover a need for something that I think I can fill. The magic happens when the inspiration collides with the physical design…and a new product is born.


Ever Ours: What’s a typical day in the life of for you and Paloma’s Nest?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest): Paloma’s Nest is a bustling, full time studio that runs with the help of a small team. We truly enjoy what we do, and the studio is full of a lot of love and laughter. We hope that shines through in every package that leaves Paloma’s Nest.


Ever Ours:  What’s the process from beginning to end for each of these (Ring Bearer Bowls™)?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  Every piece of wet clay is molded by hand and stamped by me, one tiny letter at a time. A lengthy two- three day drying and kiln-firing process follows, and then a special surface treatment is applied to the surface to maintain the natural texture and white color of the clay over time.

The finishing touches are added, by hand- ribbons are tied, signatures added, and gold leaf rimmed on the edge, depending on the design.

Our famous gift packaging is also assembled in-studio, with stamped boxes, nests, tags and bows all completed by hand to create a memorable presentation for every single client.


Ever Ours: Why do you think this beautiful keepsake is significant for a couple?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  I think today’s couples are looking to make their own traditions; to honor the past, but also to put a fresh spin on things, to celebrate their wedding “their way”. My Ring Bearer Bowl™ concept does just that- it replaces the fluffy, lacy ring pillows of days-gone-by (that often end up packed away in a box), with a Modern Heirloom- a piece that can be displayed in the home, hung on a holiday tree, or used to catch jewelry on a night stand. A fresh idea, and an item with lasting value for the new family about to be formed. We are honored to create such meaningful pieces for our clients.


Ever Ours: What has been the most enjoyable moment for you?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  It has been an exciting journey to get to this point in our business, and for me personally as an artist. I try to remember: Life is about the journey, not the destination. This is just the beginning of things for Paloma’s Nest, and there are always new plans and designs about to be revealed. Be sure to visit us again in mid-January as we launch a brand new online presence for all-things Paloma’s Nest at! That will be a big milestone for us.


Ever Ours: What are the difficulties that you face with Paloma’s Nest?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  Admitting that I can not do everything by myself! Learning to bring in other talented people to join our team so that we can grow, create an even better product, and reach more clients around the world.


Ever Ours: What has been your most favorite design to make?

Caroline (Paloma’s Nest):  Custom Ring Bearer Bowls™ are the most gratifying to make, as I love to imagine where the Heirloom I am crafting today with my hands will be in 20 or 50 years. I like to hope that the names I am stamping will enjoy a long joyous life together, and someday their grandchild will be using this very bowl in their own wedding ceremony.


the sincerity and personal touch that goes into everything Caroline makes just amazes me.  it just makes it so much more personal and even more special to have one.  p.s. i should get one that says “ever thine. ever mine. ever ours”  just for the heck of it and because i’d just want something as beautiful as this in my hands.

other gorgeous keepsakes from Paloma’s Nest:



heart tokens


just in time for the holiday season:



make sure to go to Paloma’s Nest website for much much more.  what are you waiting for?!

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  1. November 15, 2009 7:38 am

    Simply amazing, the products and the person behind them!!!

  2. December 2, 2009 9:06 pm

    Dear Author !
    It is remarkable, very useful piece

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