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you need this: mint photo lounge

November 6, 2009

lately, i’ve become a huge fan of photobooths.  eva, mach, tey, jan and i are officially photobooth stalkers.  every event we have been to we have attacked the photobooths.  our goals are always to get the most silly goofy pictures.  but as for quality, mint photo lounge, has been the best yet.  so far, out of all the photobooths, mint photo lounge has the clearest images.  it’s hard to tell in the ones below, but you really have to see it to believe.  the lighting is spectacular, but i think another fantastical feature is the fact that you can fit a TON of people in the booth which equals hilariousness.  shea and sarah mercado of mint photo lounge were kind enough to answer some questions.  and let me reiterate, if you want not only your guests to have fun, but YOU as well, you need this.


Ever Ours:  How did Mint Photo Lounge come about?

Mint Photo Lounge:  While planning for our wedding, we researched many different photo booth companies but were unable to find exactly what we were looking for. We wanted something that was sleek and modern yet still took great pictures, so they decided to go for it themselves and Mint Photo Lounge was created.


Ever Ours: Tell me a little bit about the faces behind Mint Photo Lounge.

Mint Photo Lounge: Shea and Sarah Mercado are the co-owners of Mint Photo Lounge and newlyweds as well.

Prior to founding Mint Photo Lounge, both Shea and Sarah worked in the advertising/marketing industry.  Shea served as an independent sales consultant; creating performance-based marketing programs for a number of different advertisers.  He has used his years in online advertising to help create an interactive presence for Mint Photo Lounge.  Shea holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.

Sarah served as an account executive at an advertising agency, helping in the development of advertising campaigns, maintaining accounts and media buying. Her knowledge for the traditional side of advertising has been a great compliment to Shea’s online know-how.  Sarah holds a B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from the California State University, Northridge.


Ever Ours: What’s the story behind the name?

Mint Photo Lounge:  We wanted to find a name that was fresh and clean – Mint was the perfect fit!

Ever Ours: What makes Mint Photo Lounge different from all the other photobooths out there?

Mint Photo Lounge:  Mint is more modern and has a sleeker look then the traditional booth. The inside is cozy, yet spacious enough to hold 8 adults. We are also modular so we are able to set up virtually anywhere that power is available.


just wenderful, miki events/clara kim beauty, caroline tran, tanisha/ shannon lee image, lollipop events/jesi haack/jl designs

Ever Ours: What’s a typical day in the life of for you and Mint Photo Lounge?

Mint Photo Lounge:  Nothing to crazy – a lot of phone calls and emails, reading many blogs and definitely keeping up with our event and wedding industry on twitter and facebook. We also have to update the headers and footers of the photo strips for each different event, which requires some time in photoshop.

Ever Ours: What’s the process from beginning to end to getting Mint Photo Lounge at an event?

Mint Photo Lounge:  We arrive a couple of hours before the event starts to setup and return 15 minutes before our scheduled time to get things up and running. There are usually two of us onsite during the event to guide guests through the pictures. At the end of the event we break everything down and pack it up.


jesi haack/tey garcia, yes, please design/bash eco events, TOO MANY TO LIST but includes awesome wedding peeps, just wenderful/just celebrate/broke ass bride, fresh hubby/broke ass bride

Ever Ours: In what way do you think a photobooth is significant for a wedding and a couple?

Mint Photo Lounge:  Its just a fun addition to any party. Guest fully enjoy it and usually come back for more shots. Sometimes the photos get a bit crazy as the night goes one.  It’s also great to use as a guest book! It’s a fun alternative to the traditional book.

Ever Ours: What has been the most enjoyable moment for you?

Mint Photo Lounge:  Our most enjoyable moment was during our first event. Once we saw a line of ten to twenty people we looked at each other and both thought to ourselves that people really will like our idea. Up until then we were just putting together a service that we would have liked.

Ever Ours: What are the difficulties that you face with Mint Photo Lounge?

Mint Photo Lounge: The only difficulties are when there are high winds and we are set up outside however we’re learning some new tricks so this won’t be a problem.

Ever Ours: Being newlyweds yourself, what’s key to wedding planning?  Any advice to the newly engaged or newlyweds?

Mint Photo Lounge:  The most important thing for us was to be organized and try to get as much done as you can in the beginning instead of scrambling at the end.  We also hired a great planner who helped out so much.


shea and sarah from mint photo lounge (halloween, their wedding, southern california dream wedding giveaway)

make sure to do the following to learn more about mint photo lounge:

1.  go to their website

2.  become a fan

3.   follow them

thanks again, mint photo lounge!  see you both soon hopefully!

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  1. November 9, 2009 11:56 pm

    Looooove Photo Booths! This one looks cute!

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