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baby, you’ve got what it takes…

October 15, 2009

michael buble ft. sharon jones and the dap kings- baby, you’ve got what it takes.

if you haven’t yet, you need to go check out the latest issue of utterly engaged.  seriously.

in this issue, one of my favorites, jesi haack is featured.  why do i love her?  because she is down right honest and straight to the point.  she has a sense of style like no other and everything that she produces is of the best quality.  you are guaranteed to have a fantabulous time.   and frankly, jesi is what you need for your special day if you want it to look good. hands down.

check it. taken straight from utterly engaged.







absolutely love jesi’s ideas always always and they definitely should be the new to do.

baby, you’ve got what it takes….if you listen to jesi haack.

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  1. October 15, 2009 1:48 pm

    you are SO FLIPPIN cute!!! Thank you so much for the seriously AMAZING compliments. I feel blessed 🙂

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