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be your own martha stewart: centerpiece idea

October 8, 2009

and anna from rifle design does it again…

recently featured again on once wed.  check this out.



1. flowers (try to use small flowers with long stems)

2. strainers or colanders

3. wire cutter, 4. sheet moss, 5. scissors,

6. small pots or vases, 7. wooden people (for decoration), 8. hot glue gun

where to buy:
wooden couple: Michael’s
mesh strainers: Target
sheet moss: Michael’s


first, using a wire cutter, cut out holes in the mesh strainer where you would like to place the flowers. anna decided to use a mesh strainer so that she could cut out the holes exactly where she wanted but you could also use a colander with larger holes already in place.


after cutting out the holes begin gluing pieces of sheet moss on top of the upside down bowl. once it’s covered turn over the bowl and poke through each of the holes in to be sure that there’s an open space to pull your flower through.


next, begin inserting flowers through the moss and into your container under the bowl.  anna used small pots filled with water but you could also try placing floral foam into a shallow bowl. whichever vessel you decide to use be sure to place it on a small tray or plate so that that centerpiece can be moved if needed.


finally, decorate the top of your little hill with a painted wooden couple and a paper chapel. you could also use a simpler paper flag table number or add paper animals, little mushrooms or other small objects around the hill.

and then…


how adorably cute is that!  i want one on my desk in my office!

anna is amazingly creative and i can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!

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