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are you faux real?…part three

September 28, 2009



another amazing thing about alex and hannah’s special day is that one of the photographers behind the lens was hannah’s very own twin sister, kelty from steep street! how truly special it must have been to photograph your own sister’s wedding.


a hula hoop dance off between the bride and groom 🙂


and as if there aren’t enough amazing things about this wedding, check these out!!


the crazy cool fantastical favors!  as a wedding favor, hannah and alex recorded three of their favorite song covers..yes, they did all the vocals and instrumentals themselves, and burned cds for the guests, using kelty’s  different designs as simple slip covers for the music.








to actually listen to the tracks, go to kelty’s blog post here.

here are some of the outtakes and definitely some of my favorites:





seriously. such. an. absolutely. fantabulous. wedding.

while the couple, alex and hannah, definitely get credit for creating a wedding that was simply them and all about how special their relationship is.  i’d have to say kelty is really quite a genius and no words can really describe how talented she really is.  her images are so vivid and full of life and they just jump out at you and pull you into the moment.  and to add on top of that, she designs everything with a midas touch.

thanks kelty for letting me feature your sister’s wedding!  congrats to alex and hannah!

p.s.  another awesome thing about kelty is she let me interview her.  so come back tomorrow for a one-on-one with kelty from steep street!

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