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if you liked it, then you should put a ring on it…

September 17, 2009

this is a MUST READ for guys, whether they are wanting to propose or plan on proposing.  found this through the man registry (which is SUCH a useful tool for the clueless guys) from one of their guest bloggers, white flash.

Find Her Ring Size Without Spoiling the Surprise


You’ve come to the monumental decision that your girl is a keeper, and you can’t wait to ask her to marry you. The problem? You have no idea what size engagement ring to buy her. It’s a common dilemma, but below are some sneaky ways to dig up this crucial bit of information.

If You Want to Go It Alone…
•        If she wears a ring on the all-important finger, you’re golden. As long as she occasionally takes it off, that is. The next time it’s in her jewelry box rather than on her finger, covertly steal it for an hour, take it to a jeweler, and have it measured. If she wears a ring on that finger all the time, however, it’s a trickier process. When she takes it off to shower or do the dishes, sneak in there and make an impression of the ring in a small hunk of soap or bit of clay. If she absolutely never takes it off, you’ll have to be even stealthier. Get her talking about where she got the ring, what kind of metal or stone it’s made of, etc. Ask to get a better look at it (which means she’ll probably take it off) and then make up an excuse to get her out of the room. When she leaves for a few seconds, use that clay or soap to get an impression.
•        Use your finger as a yardstick. Using a ring she wears on her left ring finger, push it down gently on one of your fingers (not your thumb). Make sure that you don’t force the ring. Mark the spot on your finger where the ring comes to rest and then get to a jeweler ASAP to have it measured.
•        If your bride-to-be is a heavy sleeper, measure her finger with a piece of string or a twist-tie while she dozes.
Helpful Hint: If she wears a ring on the ring finger of her right hand, don’t assume that it will be the same size as she wears on her left hand. Many people’s fingers measure slightly larger on their dominant hand. You still have to go digging!

If You Want a Little Help From Your Friends…
•        If a good friend or family member has recently gotten engaged, ask that person to help you out. Next time the two of them are together, the recently engaged woman can ask your girlfriend if she wants to try on her ring. If it’s a perfect fit, great. If it’s a little too big or too small, you’ll at least have a ballpark.
•        If a friend of hers is close to getting engaged, have her ask your girlfriend to tag along the next time she goes to the jewelry store (to give her own guy hints about what kind of ring she want). The friend can ask the jeweler to size her finger and then suggest that your girlfriend do the same.
•        Ask a close friend to talk about her own engagement ring the next time she sees your girlfriend. The friend can ask your girlfriend to try it on so she can see how it looks to other people. It may sound silly to a guy, but it makes perfect sense to a woman!

Helpful Hint: Having her best friend, sister, or mom on your side is ideal, but think hard before you ask someone. Make sure that whoever it is happens to be a phenomenal liar—as in, CIA material. If her best friend blushes every time she tells a fib, she’s not a good resource. And if your girlfriend has always dreamed about calling up her mom and screaming news of her engagement, she might be a little disappointed that her mom already knows.


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