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You need this: Wiley Valentine

September 14, 2009

i’m going to try kicking this series off.  “You need this” will be my interview feature on certain vendors that you WILL need and WILL want.  just because i say so. 🙂

to kick off this series is Wiley Valentine.  ever since I started this blog, i was pretty aware of who they were.  but it was at Soi-Meme that i actually got to see their fantastic work first hand and i think the best part was to actually to see the look and feel of all their work.  rachelle schwartz, co-founder of Wiley Valentine, was kind enough to take time to answer some of my questions and allowed me to showcase their work.  see for yourself how amazing they are.  best part:  they are eco-friendly.  i love that!


EO:   What is the story behind Wiley Valentine? Why the name “Wiley Valentine”?

Wiley Valentine:   Emily and I both had/have very creative and artistic grandmothers. We attribute much of our creative talents to them and so we named our company after their last names. Mary Wiley + Norma Jean Valentine.

EO:   Is it just you two as the designers?

WV:  Emily and I are the only two designers. Lauren is our production designer, Jane is our quality control extraordinaire, and Kristin aka Lovie handles our customer relations/chaos control/invoices/anything else that may need to be done!


EO:   Where do you get the inspiration from?

WV:  Emily and I both seem to be inspired a great deal by vintage finds. Vintage books, wallpaper, magazines etc. We both love to go to flea markets. Travel has also lent a great deal of inspiration to our designs as does fashion.

EO:   How would you describe WV’s style?

WV:  I would say we have a vintage aesthetic with a modern twist.

ForestFairyTale 3

EO:  What makes you “green”?

WV:  We make it a point to print on either 100% recycled or 100% cotton (tree free) papers. We also sell any misprints on etsy, and we also shred test prints and misprints and use it for packaging orders up!

EO:  What are some trends you have noticed when it comes to wedding stationary?

WV:  We are loving the demand for beautiful yet eco-friendly invitations and are very excited to be offering our new seed paper. This makes the invitation actually plantable, in 1 week your herb garden will start to grow!! There is also a trend to make the invitation reflect the personalities of the couple which is really fun for us.

ForestFairyTale 7

EO:  Any changes in interest in this economic environment?

WV:  Brides have definitely been more careful in terms of what items they want to print, however lately I feel the trend is slowly moving back towards where we were in terms of what brides are wanting.

EO:   What would you advise brides/grooms when it comes to ordering stationary for their big day?

WV:  First have a # of invitations in mind. Keep in mind couples and families when calculating your invite list. Then consider which items you might want to order, save the dates, rehearsal dinner invites, weekend events cards etc. Have all of these things ready to present to your stationer of choice in order to get an idea of pricing and what will fit in your budget.


EO:   What is your most favorite thing about working at Wiley Valentine?

WV:  I absolutely adore working on custom invites and announcements (WV Couture). It is such a fun and collaborative process to work one on one with a bride to translate her style into custom invitations. I especially love when we get to take this vision all the way from the invitations to the ceremony and reception with signage, napkins, programs, escort cards etc.


EO:    Other than wedding stationary, what other types do you have available?

WV:  We offer anything you can think of. Our ready-to-order collections include Holiday, Baby, Soirée (bar/bat mitzvah, parties, sweet sixteen etc), as well as personalized stationery. We also have a very large line of stock products that include folded greetings, imprintables, seed cards, chipboard postcards, and lots more. All available for purchase on our website as well as stationers around the country.

wiley valentine others

truly beautiful and stunning work.  thank you rachelle for allowing me to feature Wiley Valentine.  please do not forget to check them out as well as their blog and twitter.


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