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September 11, 2009

i woke up at 6 am, slipped on a black t-shirt and black pants, gulped down my cereal, grabbed my comfy sandals, zoomed out the garage and fled south on the 55.  i was genuinely excited despite the hour i was up and on a three day weekend.  i turned left into the resort on pelican hill and i knew it was going to be just beautiful.


this is where i got to help work a wedding this past sunday.  how stunning is that.  what could be better than having rolling green hills and the PACIFIC OCEAN as your backdrop.  the fact that i was awake so early barely even crossed my mind.  as soon as i rolled in, i was put to work.  from something petty such as using acetone to rub off the sticky residue on the candle holders to signaling the bride and her father that it was time to walk down to the ceremony, i felt so right in the environment.


i truly enjoyed working that day even if it was ten hours.  i had no idea how tired i was til i got home.  i loved running on the adrenaline and making sure that EVERYTHING was perfect.  i loved making everything look so beautiful and helping the couple make their day THEIR day.  it was slightly chaotic at times, but tell me one event or one plan, that never goes as it should.  in the end, it still was amazing and i hope it was what the couple had asked for.


so to the couples that are engaged and are wedding planning currently, if you have a wedding coordinator helping you or even just any kind of help with planning your big day.  be SURE to thank them incessantly.  it is OUR job to make sure your day goes without a hitch and trust me, i’m pretty damn sure wedding planners will do anything to make sure it goes perfectly.



the mar vista ballroom and the ceremony site on the pelican hill was just overwhelmingly gorgeous.  i wish i had brought my camera.  it just made working there even more exciting.  the fact that we had such a fantastic place to work with was amazing in itself.  but credit for the wedding definitely has to go to Janet Pae of LilyJames Events.  She did an amazing job and I am super thankful to her for letting me work for her that day.

meet elizabeth and eugene.


so grateful i got a chance to help make their day BEAUTIFUL.





absolutely stunning.

working at this wedding only made me realize how much more i wanted to be in this environment and i can’t wait for more possibilities to be able to do so.  the waking up early hours and on your feet for 10+ hours is totally wiped out when the groom first sees his bride or when their eyes light up at the thought of how special this day truly is.

credit has to go to Janet Pae of course as well as the infamous genius and talented, Jeff Newsom, for photography.

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  1. September 15, 2009 6:00 am

    Man would I love to watch Jeff Newsom conduct his trickery. That venue doesn’t even look real in his pics. I almost expect another planet to be rising in the sky behind the ceremony. 🙂

    • September 15, 2009 9:37 am

      i totally agree. he’s truly amazing and a photography magician.

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