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wishin’ and hopin’…

September 10, 2009

when i think of bridesmaids, i think of the opening credits of “my best friend’s wedding” with nancy sinatra’s “wishin’ and hopin'”.  i’m not sure why, but i think it might be because it showcases how a bridesmaid is constantly behind the brides helping her out?  maybe?

i am extremely lucky and flattered that i will be a bridesmaid for my high school best friend’s wedding next june.  i am also bombarding her with details she should be thinking about which may make her feel not so lucky that she asked me to be one.  nevertheless, i am so very happy for her and sending her as much love from this coast to the midwest.  we share many…MANY…outrageously silly moments and some memories that i will never ever forget.  i won’t embarass her on here 🙂

but helping her out, got me thinking..what are the trends for bridesmaids today?  what are some out of the ordinary ways to dress up a bridesmaid, but not out shine the bride?

thanks to one of my favorite website stops, utterly engaged, my answer came as clear as day.  from their latest e-zine, take a look at these, and pay attention to the floral bouquets as well!  i’m wishin’ and hopin’ that i had one of these dresses myself…or at least one of those bouquets!









my favorite dress:




credit must go to:

utterly engaged for their amazing e-zine (check out more of their wonderful features and articles)

stephanie williams for her stunning photography

carissa of JL Designs for gorgeous floral bouquets

mai olivo of ruche for the elegant and most beautiful/fun dresses and stylings (i’m shopping here soon)

be something new for the headband ( i *heart* her shop on etsy)

theresa huang for make up and hair.

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  1. Jacki permalink
    September 10, 2009 11:10 am

    I love these dresses! Unique, fun, and not solid! How fun!

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