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i’m in love…

September 9, 2009

…with these save the dates and invitations…

i am totally floored by these save the dates and invites.  i saw them this morning and i could not WAIT to hurry home to blog about these so you could all see.  these are totally AMAZING and i have not seen anything like these yet!

jessica claire is a super talented photographer who is a lucky girl about to get married as well!  but not only is she talented with her photography, but her creativity is out of the world and with the help of other creative forces of nature like Kari…well…take a look yourself!

first.  her save the dates.

save the dates 1

jessica said “the tags were tea stained to give them an aged look. The bottom layer, pictured bottom left is actually muslin that was printed on and stitched to a piece of cardstock. On the back of each save-the-date, there is a page torn from the book Portrait of a Marriage–each page is different and was meticulously cut to match the size of the front.”

save the dates 2

unbelievable right?

she’s not done yet!!

second and best of all.  her invitations!

they first came like this.  in a box.

invitations 1

just ordinary books right?  what’s so special about these?  lydia, you are going nuts, right?

invitations 2

WRONG!!!  ch-ch-check it out!

invitations 3

holy bananas!  each of the invites was a HOLLOWED OUT BOOK!  jessica and jeff’s wedding theme has a vintage feel and so to keep with the theme, each book was bought from an old bookstore and chosen for it’s particular color cover, title, thickness, or inside pattern.  and inside each book was an invitation!

invitations 4

here are the details regarding each invitation, straight from jessica’s website:

“The pocket on the left hand side is a very thick, copper paper from Kate’s Paperie. On the right, a steel grey grosgrain ribbon holds the invitation in and is sealed with a copper wax seal with a photo of a lock (scroll down lower for a close up). On the invitation itself which lays in the hollow, a single, antique button is affixed to each invitation. Every one is incredibly detailed and different and took many HOURS of scouring ebay”

each even had a wax seal.

invitations 5

each invite was letterpressed and slightly burned on the edges.

invitations 6

also included was a map with all location details, a list of events for the day before the wedding, a response card, and an envelope

invitations 7

truly and utterly amazing.  there aren’t enough words to describe them.

invitations 8

you must check out jessica claire’s blog for more details and her wedding planning updates (good luck!) as well as details to contact the GENIUS mastermind, creativity goddess, kari dyas!

THIS totally made the first day back from a long weekend for me.

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  1. Poodle permalink
    September 9, 2009 4:44 pm

    Amazing!!!! Just lovely.

  2. September 23, 2009 7:40 pm

    These are the most elaborate invitations I’ve ever seen. What a terrific concept, I’m in love! 🙂

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