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for you are mine…part one

September 8, 2009

…at last.

i think the only thing emily and i have in common was that we were both band nerds.  but the funny thing about our band was that the cool people were in it only.  or so we’d like to think.  other than that, emily was practically involved with anything sports: soccer, volleyball, track and field, basketball…you name it.  i’m pretty sure she was probably on homecoming court or sweetheart court at one point during high school too.  either way, she was one of the girls to be known.

emily recently got hitched.  and the lucky guy was ryan.  their relationship is one to admire and one to aspire to.


emily and ryan had met in college, however, their relationship came with multiple hardships such as ryan being stationed in Ft. Benning, Georgia with the 3rd Ranger Battalion.  but not only that, ryan was deployed FIVE times overseas.


while vacationing in a log cabin in the middle of the woods of Arkansa with family, emily was scared by her grandfather when he pointed out that someone was looking in the windows.  turns out it was ryan decked out in his army greens.  he came into the cabin and proposed to emily in front of her whole family.


pretty cute way to scare somebody, i’d say.






stay tuned to see more from emily and ryan’s special day…especially for her shoes!

photog credit to Novia Distinctive Photography for capturing emily and ryan’s love.

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