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sweet deliciousness…

September 2, 2009

warning:  don’t read this if you’re hungry!

those who are close to me know i have dreams of opening up a dessert place eventually, specializing in some sort of unique cupcakes yet to be determined.  while i wasn’t working, i increased my parents’ electricity bill ten fold because i baked practically every weekend and in ridiculous amounts.  i’m super surprised they didn’t gain weight, but we most definitely made friends with our neighbors.  but anyways, for a few months i had been following this truly talented woman on twitter. her blog basically revealed how she created her own dessert studio from scratch while also intriguing us with her delicious delights!  i was super excited to go to her store on opening day and i got to try her specialty, lollipop cupcakes, and let me tell you, i thought i was in cupcake heaven!

meet Melody of  Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach, CA.


a former teacher turned graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts, Melody recently opened up her cute and cozy store that specializes in custom desserts but also cupcakes, lollipop cupcakes, cookies, and at times, dessert bars.

get ready for some yummy goodness.

(*sidenote: i got these pictures from melody’s blog so i’m  not too positive who to give credit to for capturing the deliciousness, but definitely not i!)IMG_9382.JPGIMG_9363.JPG



melody also has great talent in creating the cutest and yummiest dessert tables as well!


let’s not forget her yummy cupcakes too!



everyone must MUST try her specialty, lollipop cupcakes!


if none of these make you drool, at least just admire their gorgeousness and how artistically elegant the cakes are.

cake 12

melody is truly amazing and i can’t wait to see what other amazing desserts she creates!  i also can’t wait to go back again and snatch up some of these yummies again.  nom nom nom.

don’t forget to follow melody on twitter as well as her blog!

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