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be your own martha stewart: birdcage veil

September 1, 2009

inspired by being green and do it yourself projects from the soi-meme event this past saturday,

i’ll invite my readers to try this that was featured on OnceWed.

Do-It-Yourself Birdcage Veil

diy birdcage veil 1

the one on was made for the lucky bride below:


it only takes a few hours to assemble and shopping for materials is super easy and definitely reasonably priced!

Materials & Tools

-4×4 Square of felt

-1/2 yd of 9 or 8” wide Russian veiling

-Hat combs (optional, bobby pins may substitute)

-Fabric glue

-Good luck charm

-3 silk or fabric flowers, source: craft store,

-8 filler flowers, millinery or small silk flowers work well

-Needle & thread


-Straight pins

-Ruler/ measuring tape

diy birdcage veil 4


Step 1-Cut heart from felt using a template or freehand.

Step 2-Cut veiling to  a 14” piece.  OnceWed suggests that if you want a fuller veil add an inch or two, demonstrate fullness by gathering the fabric in one hand. When cutting, be sure to cut just below the “knots”.

diy birdcage veil 5

Step 3-With a needle and thread make a continuous running stitch starting with a cut edge, then work needle along one finished edge and through the other cut edge. Leaving opposite finished edge open. Be sure to catch each stitch through the “knots” of the veiling.

Step 4- Gather to fit on felt heart, then tack down by stitching with needle and thread. At this point play with veiling and placement using a model head or in the mirror. If you wish to use combs, attach now to opposite side of heart that veil is attached to.

Steps 5 & 6-Pin flowers to heart, on top of veiling to figure out best placement, then tack down with needle and thread or glue into place.

Step 7-Once main flowers are set into place add filler flowers, good luck charms or trims to your liking. Set flowers by gluing stem ends and sticking them in-between main flowers. Charms or trims can be added with needle and thread.

and then voila!

diy birdcage veil 6

isn’t that gorgeous?!  so easy and so simple.

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