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pretty in pink…part one

August 31, 2009

so i’m at the stage in life where a lot of my friends are starting to get married.  and oh what perfect timing it is to have this blog to show them off.

sandy chang was one of  my many “big sis’s” in chinese student association.  i do believe my fondest memory of her is how we turned her apartment into a jello shot factory. i think we made well over 400 shots.

as soon as i started my blog, i immediately thought to ask sandy for pictures and just a little info about her wedding.  she so cutely entitled her email back to me as “our wedding ingredients”.  🙂

for an engagement session, sandy and marvin went all the way to Taiwan!  renting the dresses at the studio (this is a very typical asian trend), Sophia Ritz captured sandy and marvin’s absolutely cute and most loving relationship.










sandy is also an avid do-it-yourself-er and created her own save the dates and programs.


there is a story behind the monkey and pig.

sandy said:

“In the Chinese Zodiac, Marvin is a monkey and I am a pig.  The monkey was one of the first presents that I bought for Marvin when we first started dating.  He bought me a pig for my birthday a couple years later.  We also have a koala and bear as well and we call them all our “kids”.  Since we both take business trips periodically, we’ll always bring one of the stuffed animals with us on our trips as a physical memorabilia of each other.  =P  Silly as it sounds, they’ve really become an integral part of our relationship.”

i think it’s super cute!


stay tuned for more coming right up!


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