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be your own martha stewart

August 12, 2009

what a wonderful way to dress up a wedding gown…

flower sash belt 1

wedding gown by Angelina Faccenda

…with a flower sash belt.

Rachel,  from Heart of Light, one of the most creative and craftiest do-it-yourself-ers in the world, gave a tutorial to 100 layer cake on a how to do a ruffle belt.  dress up your simple wedding gown with this fantastic belt.  so so absolutely fabulous!




Quality ribbon – as wide as you’d like your belt to be. We used 1.5 inch grosgrain for our project, but you could certainly use a pretty double satin or something else entirely. Just make sure it will lay nicely on your waist.

Fabric – Suggested four different types/tones for this project. Rachel chose a few different silks and a tulle. Different textures and weights make for nice variation when they’re all mixed together. The remnants bin of your local fabric store is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration.



How To:

for the petals

petals for ruffle belt

for the sash:

diy_rufflybelt1Find the center point of your belt/ribbon and start there. We’d recommend cutting your belt longer than you think so you can accommodate for an off center finished product and/or for a big bow in the back.

Stack 2 or 3 petals on top of each other (using a variety of fabrics and colors in each flower).

Twist the back of each flower so you catch the center of all 3 petals and lay it on your ribbon. Now tack it down with a few well placed stiches and repeat.

If you’re using a wider piece of ribbon like we did, you’ll need 2 flowers, side by side, per row. Working in one direction, add as many rows as you want to make the decorative part of your belt the right length. Once you have the general shape and length that you like, you can always go back in and add more flowers where you see fit.




you don’t need to be an expert with sewing to be able to pull this off!  and you don’t have to use this only for a wedding gown, it could be any gown or even a headband!

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  1. Sandy Chang permalink
    August 12, 2009 9:52 am

    What a great DIY project! The place I got my wedding gown from gave me these additional white flowers (much like these) to pin onto my dress. Since my husband and I took pictures before the wedding, I didn’t have the flowers on my dress and then at the ceremony I added the pinned flowers so that it would make the dress different!!

    Also, I wore a different dress for wedding party pictures that I would wear later for the reception and during pictures I had gotten a stain on my dress and at the reception, I used these flowers to cover up the stain and it worked like a charm!!

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