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ever thine. ever mine. ever ours. has moved!

December 28, 2009

in just a few months, i’m so happy to say that i think my blog has outgrown the current look and name.

feel free to stick around here to look at older entries.

but for new entries please go to…

ever ours

thanks so much for coming here and see you on the new site!


happy weekend…

December 19, 2009



photo credit: shannon lee images

i cannot believe how fast time has flown.  i started this blog only 5 months ago without realizing how much i would end up loving it.  my intentions were just to bring to light to my friends what wonderful inspirations they were in the wedding world.  throughout college, one of my daily reads was style me pretty even though i had no intentions whatsoever of getting married anytime soon.  i just adored looking at all the images and all the ideas from each of the weddings.  i then slowly added green wedding shoes and grey likes weddings to my reading list.  after i graduated, i stopped.  thrown into the real world, i got a full time job in human resources and every once in awhile, i’d read those blogs.

i think life started to become bland and it was super fun when my friends started to get engaged and since they knew i had been into weddings, they’d ask for ideas or where to look for them.  i’d gladly send them on their way to the blogs.  it started to get difficult to keep in touch with them so i thought “heck, why not start a blog and just send them there?”.  additionally, i had a few friends starting in the event planning industry and thought perhaps writing about them on the blog would help them as well.  and so “ever thine. ever mine. ever ours.” began.

little did i know that in just 5 months, i would gain loyal readers and meet so many in the wedding industry i admire.  and i mean seriously, admire.  i have even gotten the chance to meet jen of green wedding shoes, summer of grey likes weddings, and amanda of 100 layer cake.  i’ve made some steadfast friends who inspire me and are so supportive of me that it makes me exceedingly proud to know them and have them in my life.  all of them are doing great things and are going places.

i know my blog’s still little and young.  but i hope it goes places too.  but i need to thank a few essentially important people for helping me, for inspiring me, for being so supportive of everything that i do, have done, will do…

shana of east west event productions

eva of red velvet occasions/ utterly engaged

dana of broke ass bride (and hunter too!)

marc of marc edwards photography

holly of cakes and kisses

shannon of shannon lee images

wendy of just wenderful

jaimi of fiore beauty

jo of jomygoodness

erin of this lovely city

there are so many more that i would like to thank, but i think the list could go on forever.  this industry seriously has been so welcoming and so open.  i never imagined i would come to love it this much.  i’m super excited for the friendships that have been made and the new ones that are about to begin.  can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of you for 2010!

i do need to shoutout to my loyal friends who read my blog: my sister- dr. louise, sandy, janet, alex, shaine and i think there’s probably a few more that perhaps haven’t physically told me.  but thank you so so much.

and so 2010 is here.  i gave the blog a christmas present.  i gave it a new look and a shorter name so all of you can remember it easily! so please be sure to look out for it on December 28th!

til then, i’ll be on holiday!  giving myself a break from blogging to tie up a few personal loose ends and prep for the blog re-launch! please keep coming to read older entries in case you’ve missed some!

once again, thank you for coming to read my blog.  i’m excited for what’s to come in 2010.

i am wishing all of you a very merry christmas.  may there be much joy and love in all your lives this time of year.

and of course…what’s christmas without mariah carey?

til the end of time…part two

December 18, 2009

truly beautiful..stunning..amazing..flawless.

found through once wed.

i’m super excited to share with you these talented photographers:

Yuriy Manchik (congrats on your engagement!)

Brandon Patoc (the awesome photographer)

you must go check out their websites and blogs to see more of this gorgeous vintage engagement session as well as what else they have done.

love love love.

til the end of time…part one

December 18, 2009

…can i just spend my life with you?

i love it when i fall upon a new photographer’s work.  it makes me all giddy to scour their blog for their previous work and just fall in love love with what they’ve done.

take for example, the dynamic combo of Brandon Patoc and Yuriy Manchik.

aren’t these amazing and just want to make you fall in love?

Yuriy Manchik is the man in love with the gorgeous woman in these images.  Yuriy did the processing himself, however, asked his friend, Brandon Patoc to photograph Yuriy and his fiancée.

stay tuned for more…

all i want is you…

December 17, 2009

so glad to have met connie of connie m chung photography and for her to let me share these with you…

in love with this one…

intense…you almost feel the “whoosh” of the train just by looking at this one…i’m sure mary-anne and lester feel the “whoosh” of love whenever they’re together…

this backdrop is seriously amazing…

loving how the yellows and grays of the backdrops match their outfits…

brimming with happiness…and love…

the one below is one of connie’s favs from the shoot, and it is kinda my fav too…

congrats mary-anne and lester!

and thanks to connie for letting me share.  this girl has got some serious talent.  you must check her out. 

connie, so glad to have met you at the craft good cheer event along with nancy from so happi together and jane from olive hue!

i won’t be waitin’ any more…

December 16, 2009

...cause i know, baby, i was made for you.

be prepared for some complete LOVE awesome-ness…

recently featured on ruffled as well, caroline ghetes literally blew my mind with this engagement shoot of dennis and patricia.

inspired by rene magritte (get familiar with his work), caroline seriously had major fun and was spot on with his non-sensical style, using the masks, umbrellas, and coffee bean sacks.  you almost forget this is an engagement shoot and not some fashion shoot or gallery piece.  there is so much enjoyment with each image and caroline still managed to capture the pure love shared between dennis and patricia.  couldn’t help but smile with each one.

congrats dennis and patricia!

thanks caroline ghetes for letting me share!

the sun’s in my heart…

December 15, 2009

…and i’m ready for love…

loving this perfect fall engagement session…

perfect little save-the-date…

or fred astaire?

i LOVE the vibrant red in the background..

so happy to share brittany and patrick’s engagement session with you.  captured beautifully by amy carroll.  based out of michigan, where there are actual season changes, amy has wonderfully captured THE perfect fall background.  the reds, browns, yellows, oranges…perfectly pop out and make such a beautiful backdrop for a gorgeous couple.

congrats, brittany and patrick!

thanks to amy for letting me share.